ASpeed project delivery, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge: Increasing project risk and complexity together with the growth of long-term contracts creates both challenges and opportunities for General Contractors in the engineering and construction industry. Against a background of ever-increasing global competition, General Contractors must automate enterprise processes to adapt to ever-shorter lifecycles, and run operations more efficiently in order to ensure profitable project delivery. Our Partner Aurigo, works closely with General Contractor firms to identify and implement the right set of business and technology-enabled solutions for their complex problems. We help them meet these challenges by working with them to:

►Reengineer processes through our Global Services offerings

►Better manage Capital Projects with our CPMS products

►Realign resources through our ERP Products

Using Aurigo framework, Wealth Zone Technologies offers General Contractors benefits-led solutions that have been specifically architected by domain experts to suit the requirements of various key functions.

Wealth Zone Technologies also offers critical System Integration for CCTV, Access Control, Solar Lighting and Energy Management.