Electrical Power

Electrical Power

As Power companies become deregulated and exposed to the demands of financial markets, it's become clear that they need to change the way they do business to compete effectively in this new industry landscape. The challenges are many. Power plants have to manage plant output, assets, inspection and subcontractors in order to instill a control mechanism on complex plant operation processes. They need to contain costs, improve performance, and serve customers, while adhering to strict safety compliance norms.

Together with our partner Aurigo, By working closely with our clients to identify and implement the right set of business process and technology-enabled solutions for their complex problems, we help Power plants meet these challenges by working with them to:

►Reengineer processes through our Global Services offerings

►Better manage Capital Projects with our CPMS products

►Realign resources through our ERP Products

Aurigo offers benefits-led Power Plant solutions that have been specifically architected by domain experts to suit the requirements of various Power plants. Process optimization, change programs, software and information systems implementation are just a few of the services we provide our Power customers. Our solutions help speed project completion and ensure operational efficiency.

With an extensive installed base in generation, transmission and distribution applications, Wonderware platform offers a refreshing alternative to traditional SCADA systems through the Wonderware System Platform built on ArchestrA Technology. Restructuring of the industry, energy costs, growing demand, integration of distributed generation and other factors place electrical utilities in a dynamic intricate environment that demands seamless flow of information in a scalable, reliable and secure environment. Whether implementing a single Substation Automation (SA) system, SCADA/GMS, SCADA/EMS, SCADA/DMS or pursuing the ultimate intelligent Smart Grid, Wonderware software provides the platform that enables integration of applications to create a comprehensive real-time operations management environment.

Key Benefits

►Enhanced operations

►Productivity and workforce improvements

►Regulatory compliance

Key Capabilities

►HMI visualization and SCADA

►Historical data collection and advanced trending

►Powerful, flexible reporting capabilities

►Integration with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), simulation and CMMS/EAM systems