Process & Industrial Products

Process & Industrial Products

We provide many solutions within the process industries. From supervisory control to comprehensive operations management, Wonderware provides technology solutions for most process markets such as chemicals, petroleum, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals.

Through our System Platform, and the Operations and Performance solutions – process industry customers are able to increase efficiency and profitability and improve overall plant and process operations. From data collection, reporting and visualization to advanced batching, process applications and operations management – we can meet the needs of the most demanding process applications.

Key Benefits

►Reduce waste, rework & process variability

►Process optimization

►Quality, compliance improvements

►Performance and productivity

Key Capabilities

►Data collection, system connectivity

►HMI visualization and SCADA

►Advanced trending and reporting

►MES and batching

►Integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Maintenance Management , ERP and other systems