The relevance of seaports in the efficient working of an economy cannot be understated since all goods and passengers transported by sea require the use of, at least, two ports. In the majority of countries, most international trade (export/import), and in some cases also large shares of domestic trade, is done through maritime transport.

For long-haul shipments, there are no alternative transport modes to ships, with the exception of highvalue and small volume cargoes, for which air transport offers speed as its advantage.

Port and Maritime agencies that operate without improving processes will find operating costs threaten their margins as well as their ability to sustain profitable growth. In a rapidly changing world, maritime operators need solutions that can ensure the long-term success of a Port by being efficient, adaptable, cost-effective and scalable. A combination of business and technology solutions that streamline and automate processes across the organization are needed in order to realize the benefits across departments and functional spheres.

Our solutions encompass:

►Workflow automation for Ports & Shipping companies

►Port Monitoring/Surveillance solutions using latest satellite / GPS / CCTV / RFID / Biometric / GPRS Technologies