Security Solutions

Data security is at a continuous threat not only in its popular Email and File Transfer form, but also for Unified Communications using Speech, Audio, Video and Graphics. Rich content driven communication is the norm of the day. In this context Wealth Zone has developed significant IP to integrate most advanced encryption and security modules into the Mobile Smart phones. We cover all major platforms with these solutions bringing previously unheard of technologies (like smartcard based 2-factor authentication, PKI, Multi OS solutions) into Mobile ecosystem, partnering with World renowned encryption and smartcard makers. While Mobility is a new challenge for Security, traditional Computing Network and IT systems are facing renewed threats and higher level of risk of compromising. Wealth Zone has partnered with again some of the most innovative and technically advanced players to implement the enterprise level, full Unified Threat Management protection. In terms of Security, Big and Small Enterprises face major risks and threats from ever increasing level of hacking. • Hence Wealth Zoneoffers platforms serving different sizes of Enterprises including the complete feature set and the same ease-of-use..