Work Flow Automation (Custom ERP)


ERP platforms only automate 4 Ms (men, machines, material and money) of a business

Lack of automation for domain specific project management processes

Disconnect between standard ERP and business project/process management systems

Longer implementation cycles incurred during customization of generic ERP systems

High Total Cost of Ownership

Our Approach:

The specific domain's work flow is mapped into a few typical IT modules. Each module would have a few forms. These forms would need to be filled by different actors that provide inputs to these steps. Based on the inputs provided in these forms - with the application of Business logic - various kinds of reports, actions are possible - as needed by customer.

Wealthzone Technologies Industry Ready ERP solution

Seamlessly integrate core domain management processes with standard ERP processes and workflows

Can be rapidly configured to meet customer's project and unique business challenges including customized reporting and specific workflows

Erases boundaries between data silos and delivers the critical information needed for rapid, effective decision-making

Comes with business ready reports for specific domain

Flexible workflow engine supports numerous forms/reports

Helps manage complex business processes without the burden of a large, expensive information technology (IT) infrastructure

Currently supported Verticals:

  • Consumer Retail
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Plastic/PVC Manufacturing
  • Pharma Manufacturing
  • Shipping & Sea Ports